“The best rendition EVER of the classic song “Danny Boy” by Irish tenor Morgan Crowley”
    Connie Kupchunos, CT Observer.
    “Rapturous applause and loud cheers as charmer Morgan Crowley greeted the glowing audience after the show”

  • "A CV most performers would give their eye teeth for - I have never read more impressive credits in all my life! A fascinating man, a gentle soul"
    Gerry Kelly BBC, introducing Morgan on his show.

  • Scrooge reviews:

    “faultless performance by Morgan Crowley who brings humour and grace to Bob Cratchit”
    Scott Begbie Evening Express

    “Morgan Crowley’s excellent Bob Cratchit… the audience erupted”
    Arts Review by Roddy Phillips

    “stand-out performance from Morgan Crowley as Bob Cratchit”
    Western Mail by Helen Ward

    “Morgan Crowley’s PERFECT Bob Cratchit has great warmth and humour”
    South Wales Echo by Simon Farrington

  • Irish Times review for Morgan's performance at the Bill Whelan Tribute concert, National Concert Hall, August 2010:
    “In a muscular performance by the RTE Concert Orchestra, Morgan Crowley provided the evening's abiding impression in a nifty counterpoint of scat singing and...the most persuasive piece on the programme, a lilting treatment of a Michael Hartnett poem.”

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  • "The Highlight of the show was the performance of 'Bring Him Home' by Morgan Crowley, who sang with the purest tenor voice one could wish to hear. His sustained final top note is so staggering that applause seemed inadequate..."
    Wilhelm Grutter, GERMANY

  • "...proved that not only rock stars have sex-appeal... can truly make an audience swoon. He flaunts his sense of humour and talent, then bursts into song with an angelic voice. A highly professional and polished performance."
    Erna Dietrich, "Argus"

  • "Morgan Crowley not only has outstanding talent as a singer of great communicative and technical skills and beauty, but more charisma, comic timing and dramatic intensity than seems fair... and he proves that great singers can be great dancers too!"
    Liz Keating, The Times

  • "Highlights of Simon Callow's production include, most notably, Morgan Crowleys floating counter-tenor voice and hugely versatile acting ability..."
    David Benedict, The Independent

  • "Morgan Crowley sang the music with clear timbre, pure tuning and a supple balance... made up an evening entertaining, unusual and finally moving."
    Classical review, The Observer

  • "This substantially composed comedy featured Morgan Crowley in the title role as the rueful and charming waiter, who gave a particular deft, witty performance."
    Andrew Porter, Observer

  • "Characters played by Morgan Crowley with quick-change virtuosity and movements as subtly expressive as the impeccably timed vocal lines, sung with their own legato, staccato and rubato."
    Brian Hunt, Daily Telegraph

  • "This engaging Dublin-born American is vocally rare being with a heaven sent voice which is raising eyebrows with his pure and high notes throughout his run at the theatre... Morgan Crowley certainly has a lot to sing about."
    Fiona Chisholm, The Times

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